Exceptional hospitality, great sport, a stunning location. Driven boar shooting in the Atlas Mountains.


Widiane Chasse, Morocco


From 2 Nights


Up to 10 people


Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners and Some Drinks Included


Casablanca Or Marrakech


3.5 Hours Flying + 3.5 Hours Driving


Wild Boar


October 1st to March 31st


From 5 to 30 boar


Driven Shooting


Cartridges Included



From £700 / day

Widiane Chasse is Morocco’s premier sporting estate – Read on to learn about driven boar shooting in Morocco and the Atlas Mountains.

Customise Your Trip

From £700 per day


Varied and challenging driven shooting in the sun.


Exceptional hospitality and accommodation.


Extend your season in style with a February or March trip.



The Estate

The Widaine Estate is a 70,000-hectare sporting estate based on the banks of Lake Bin El Ouidane in the Azilal province of Morocco Atlas Mountains.

The area is renowned for its steep and undulating topography and hosts a vast range of unusual flora and fauna that you will struggle to find anywhere else in the world, including Barbary partridge, boar, quail, pigeons, and doves.

Lake Bin El Oudine covers 1,300 hectares of the estate. The lake is approximately 7 kilometres long, and its clear waters and scenic views make it a popular destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. The lake is also known for its fishing, with species such as carp, black bass, and pike being found in its waters.

The Widiane Hotel

Overlooking the stunning Lake Bin El Ouidane. The Widaine hotel is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and offers guests a unique and unforgettable experience.

The hotel has over 30 spacious rooms and suites, each of which is elegantly furnished and decorated in a contemporary Moroccan style. All rooms feature modern amenities, including air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi. The suites also have private balconies or terraces with stunning views of the lake and mountains.

The hotel has a range of facilities to ensure guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. There is an outdoor infinity pool, which is heated in the winter months, and a spa offering various treatments and therapies. The hotel also has a fitness centre and three restaurants that serve delicious Moroccan and international cuisine.

One of the highlights of the Widiane Hotel and Spa is its stunning location. The hotel is on a hill overlooking Lake Bin El Ouidane, providing a beautiful and peaceful backdrop for guests to enjoy. The lake is ideal for fishing, boating, and swimming, and there are also opportunities for hiking and trekking in the surrounding mountains.

The hotel’s staff are also a significant asset, providing warm and attentive service to guests throughout their stay. They know the local area and can recommend and organise activities and excursions.

Overall, the Widiane Hotel and Spa is a beautiful and luxurious retreat in the heart of the Atlas Mountains. Its stunning location, elegant accommodation, and excellent facilities offer guests an unforgettable experience and a chance to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Barbary Partridge

The North African boar, a subspecies of the wild boar (Sus scrofa), thrives in the diverse ecosystems of the region, displaying unique adaptations to its environment. Known for its robust build, bristly coat, and formidable tusks, the North African boar holds a significant place in the region’s ecosystem and has become a sought-after species for hunters.

These boars inhabit a range of environments, from dense forests to arid scrublands, across countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the North African boar encounters a terrain of steep slopes, rocky outcrops, and dense vegetation, offering both challenges and opportunities for those engaged in driven boar shooting.

The driven boar shooting in the Atlas Mountains is a celebrated tradition, attracting hunters from around the world. Local guides, with their intimate knowledge of the boars’ behavior and the mountainous landscape, play a crucial role in ensuring a successful and ethical hunt. Trained dogs are often employed to locate and flush out the boars, heightening the excitement of the chase.

One distinguishing feature of the North African boar is its adaptability. These creatures display a keen ability to forage for food in varied environments, consuming a diet that includes roots, fruits, insects, and small mammals. Their adaptability has allowed them to survive and thrive in diverse habitats, contributing to their widespread distribution across North Africa.

The tusks of the North African boar are prominent, with males typically having longer and more curved tusks than females. These tusks serve various purposes, from digging for food to defending against predators or rivals. The size and shape of the tusks can vary based on factors such as age, genetics, and environmental conditions.

Conservation efforts are critical for maintaining the ecological balance and sustaining populations of North African boars. Responsible hunting practices, guided by local regulations, contribute to population control and habitat preservation. By striking a balance between conservation and hunting, efforts are made to ensure the continued existence of this remarkable subspecies, allowing future generations to appreciate the natural beauty and cultural significance of the North African boar.

A Day In The Field - Driven Boar Shooting In Morocco

Our shoot days commence at 07:30 with a delightful buffet breakfast on the Widiane Hotel’s top floor. Half an hour later we’re off on a comfortable 4×4 journey to the first drive, where you will be introduced to your experienced loaders and escorted to your pegs, deep in the mountains.

We typically shoot 2 or 3 drives, lasting anywhere between 40 minutes and two hours. Lunch is normally enjoyed in the field after the second drive.

A day in the field guarantees an adrenaline rush as soon as you take your peg.

Enjoy the vast tapestry of Moroccan wildlife from your peg including other shootable species such as Moroccan Jackals.

We exclusively use shotguns and slugs, so no prior rifle experience is necessary.
We return to the hotel by 16.00 – allowing time for guests to refresh at the spa or pool. Evening brings the perfect end to your day – drinks, sunset views, and a delicious dinner.

What's Included


The following are items are included in all of our Moroccan partridge shooting trips


  • Airport collection and drop off
  • Hospitality
  • Meals (with some drinks at meal times)
  • Cartridges
  • An English host
  • Unlimited black bass fishing
  • Loaders
  • Secretarios
  • Local Hunting Licenses
  • Assistance With Gun Importation
  • Arabic / French / English Translator 
  • 5 Star Hotel Accommodation 
  • Transport On Shoot Days
  • Photography Of Your Trip


  • Flights
    You will need to organise your own flights to Marrakech or Casablanca
  • Personal Insurance
    Each person shooting will need travel and shooting insurance. We can organise this through our partnership with CCC3 if you don’t already have it.
  • Tips & Gratuities
    Tips are optional, but if you have a good day it is customary to tip the team.

Optional Extras

  • Additional night at the Widiane Hotel – £300 per person
  • Additional Activities – Please Enquire
  • Gun hire – £50 per day
  • Drinks – POA
  • Spa treatments – POA
  • Watersports equipment hire – POA
  • Guided fishing – POA
  • Boat hire – POA


Getting There

Our trip starts and ends at either Casablanca or Marrakech airport. One of our team will be there to collect your group and drive you to the Widiane Hotel. You will have a choice between cars or a comfortable mini bus. We can also organsie helicopter transfers.

Customise Your Trip

From £700 Per Day


Are flights included?

No, you will need to organise your flights to Morocco.

Can I come on my own or with friends?

Yes, bookings are completely customisable. Just mention your requirements when you enquire.

Can I bring a non-shooting guest?

Yes, a single non-shooting guests is welcome.

Do I need a shotgun licence and insurance?

Each person shooting will need insurance, we will organsie local hunting permits

We can organise insurance through our partnership with CCC3 if you don’t already have it, simply mention that you require insurance when you enquire.

Do you offer upgraded hospitality?

Yes, private bookings are completely customisable. Just mention your requirements when you enquire.

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