Fishing And Shooting in Morocco


Morocco offers some of the finest driven game shooting in the world.

The Atlas Mountains are prime hunting grounds, renowned for their steep and undulating topography, they host a vast range of unusual flora and fauna that you will struggle to find anywhere else in the world.

We manage Widiane Chasse, a 70,000 hectare shoot in the Azilal Province and are able to organise high driven barbary partridge shooting, unfenced driven boar shooting and walked up migratory quail over pointers, all with 5-star accommodation and exceptional hospitality.


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Barbary Partridge

Barbary partridge thrive in the Atlas Mountains.

At a glance they seem similar to the red leg partridge most British shots will be familiar with, but when the birds take flight you wouldn’t know the two are related, with wings shaped similarly to grouse they can swiftly pitch and roll which means when pushed off towering cliffs or over deep valleys, they provide extraordinary shooting. 

Partridge Shooting In Morocco

Driven Wild Boar

Driven boar shooting in the Atlas Mountains is completely different to moving boar anywhere else in the world.

The terrain, the method of driving the boar and the way the day is planned makes it completely unique and leads to some seriously exciting, fast paced shooting.

For the beaters the day begins in the early hours of the morning.  At night the hogs will make their way down from the mountains to the farmland in the foothills to feed, while the boar are feeding the beaters will light fires in the mountains. The smell of the smoke causes the boar to find cover in woodland in the foothills rather than return to the mountains. This makes them far easier to locate and corral.

Hunters are strategically positioned on the face of the mountain with angles of fire covering the tight tracks, wide firebreaks or natural open spots the boar use to navigate the tough terrain. Once the the trap is set beaters will push the boar out of the foothills with lots of noise and dogs. The pigs will try and get deep into the mountains where the woodland is thick but, if all goes well,  they will be intercepted by the hunters.

The sound of boar crashing through cover, glimpses of huge Keilers on opposing hill sides, the cries of beaters and their dogs, all accompanied by spectacular scenery will make even the most experienced hunters heart race.

Boar Shooting In Morocco

Migratory Quail

Each year hundreds of thousands of quail migrate to Morocco to spend their winter in the warmer climate.

The little brown birds are notoriously difficult to see, keeping hidden in crops, and reluctant to fly, preferring to creep away instead. They are the perfect bird to shoot over pointers. Often the birds will only flush when you or the dogs are right on top them, after breaking cover they travel low and fast making them extremely challenging quarry to pursue.

Migratory Quail Shooting In Morocco

Turtle Doves

Throughout the summer Morocco is home to millions of migratory turtle doves, our dove shooting takes place over the alfalfa fields and almond plantations at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

Early in the morning and after the hottest part of the day the doves group into small flocks resembling coveys and take to the sky in search of water and food. Our experienced guide will position you in a well scouted area where you can expect to get through a lot of cartridges in 4 – 6 hours.

Dove Shooting In Morocco

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