Shooting in Argentina

When someone tells us they are looking to go dove shooting our first recommendation is always Argentina.

Partnered with some of the finest shooting lodges the country has to offer we’re proud to provide the kind of unmatched expertise that stems from more than 35 years of pioneering bird hunting in the Córdoba region. Our partners long standing relationship with the land and its quarry ensures hunting success — time and time again.

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Eared Dove Shooting

Argentina is home to millions of doves.  We’ve partnered up with 4 of the best lodges based in the Córdoba region.

  The surrounding farmland, rolling hills, dry creek beds and narrow valleys make any type of dove hunting scenario possible.

Argentinian Dove Shooting Packages

Pigeon Shooting 

There are two types of pigeons in Argentina, the pica zuro and the spot-winged.

 Often found in great numbers near orchards and groves as well as in traditional agricultural settings, both species decoy well but are fast moving and challenging to hunt.

Argentinian Pigeon Shooting Packages

Duck Shooting

Argentina offers a buffet of duck species

When you come duck hunting at one of our lodges, you’ll experience a variety of hunting scenarios, and most of them will be familiar to the traditional waterfowler. From large ponds to small lagoons, to wide spots in small channels, we’ll take you where the ducks are. Sometimes this requires a short walk, or a quick trip by boat, tractor, truck or ATV. But in all cases, the ducks are accessible for hunters of all ages and experiences.

Argentinian Duck Shooting Packages

Partridge Shooting

There is some fantastic sport to be had in Morocco, we are proud to be able to offer the exclusive opportunity to shoot on 5000 acres of mountainous terrain in the Azilal Province. 

The topography and environment are perfect for the Barbary partridge, at a glance they seem similar to the red leg partridge most British shots will be familiar with but when the Barbary partridge take flight you wouldn’t know the two are related, with wings shaped similarly to grouse they can swiftly pitch and roll which means that when they are pushed off the rocky cliffs of the Atlas mountains they provide phenomenal shooting. 

Argentinian Partridge Shooting Packages

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